Beacon Wealth Management System



Our Wealth Mgmt System houses all of your financial and personal information in one secure place, which enables you to quickly access your financial data in real- time. You are also able to store documents, as well as  other useful info in your own personal file vault.

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Beacon Financial Partners is a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management firm in Northeast Ohio. We seek to provide independent, objective advice to our clients, providing the ultimate client planning experience.

The integration of sound financial planning with the innovative investment platform provided by our strategic partner - Lincoln Investment Planning - affords a financial service experience unique to our clients.

Beacon Financial Partners specialty in the application of alternative investments (real estate, oil & gas, private equity, endowment style of investing) has helped investors change the dynamics of their existing portfolio.

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Our clients choose us because they want to have complete confidence in their financial plan. By providing personalized service and education, our clients make better decisions and are more in control of their finances.


Beacon's financial plan consulting and investment services are tailored to meet your needs. Enjoy the comfort and security of our comprehensive planning or learn how we help our clients become better investors.